Meeting the one we truly love, we learn to let our guards down and become one with our partner… for love in its purest form is young, wild and unabashed.

One thing I have learned with the passage of time is that life isn’t just about existing but, also experiencing knowing the meaning of ‘feeling alive.’ It’s the only way to keep moving ahead!

The night when I felt the power of nature, it’s healing energies and ability to facilitate emotions I never knew existed. Place: Discovery Village in Kabini, Karnataka

Over the years, I have learned that there isn’t a switch to start and stop loving a person. People may leave us, but the impact they make on our heart… lives on.

Agreeing to the same monotonous routine isn’t enough. We must greet each day with arms wide open because life gives us a second chance the moment we wake up!

There are times when we all need someone to say, “it’s alright. This too shall pass.” Thanks, Mahua Das, for being that friend, the hook of my life from childhood till date.

Because others don’t have to decide how we live our lives.  Remember dear friend, every day is a new one, a new beginning. So isn’t it fair to just treat it like one?

We learn the basics at our mother’s knee, rest with friends and foes. But what makes us stronger and unique are the experience in life, we have as we go.

Knowing my ‘Thammu’ aka grandmom was the biggest blessing I ever had. I miss her every day, each hour because no one was as cool as her. I will always miss her, no matter what.